Orphaned or Abandoned Black Bear Cub


Bear cubs can be orphaned for a variety of reasons: 

  1. The mother abandons her cubs due to her inability to produce milk
  2. Fire, drought etc
  3. Human disturbances at the den site, such as construction, snow-mobiles, noisy hikers etc
  4. The mother is struck and killed by a vehicle, is killed in a human-bear conflict, or killed by a hunter

Finding a bear cub alone does not necessarily mean it has been abandoned or orphaned.  Mother bears will leave their cubs for up to 15 hours while they search for food elsewhere.  If a bear cub is handled or moved by humans, it increases the chances of the mother abandoning her cub, or being unable to find it.  The best course of action is to leave the cub where you found it and immediately contact us -  black bear rescue manitoba.  We will asses the situation and make any necessary arrangements for the rescue of the cub.

An Important Note: If you find an abandoned bear cub that is starving - do not attempt to feed it.  This seems counterintuitive, however many bear cubs die because of this, from a condition called "Re Feeding Syndrome".